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Aubergine (Spain)
Picture of Aubergine (Spain)

Aubergine (Spain)

Beetroot Loose (UK)
Picture of Beetroot Loose (UK)

Beetroot Loose (UK).

Broccoli (UK)
Picture of Broccoli  (UK)

Broccoli, one head. (UK)

Butternut Squash (Spain)
Picture of Butternut Squash  (Spain)

Butternut Squash (each) (Spain)

Cabbage Red (UK)
Picture of Cabbage  Red (UK)

Red Cabbage (UK)

Cabbage January King (UK)
Picture of Cabbage January King  (UK)

Cabbage January King 

Cabbage Savoy - medium (UK)
Picture of Cabbage Savoy - medium (UK)

A medium sized Savoy Cabbage from the north west of England.

Cabbage Spring Greens (UK)
Picture of Cabbage Spring Greens (UK)

Cabbage Spring Greens (UK)

Cabbage White (UK)
Picture of Cabbage White  (UK)

Cabbage White (UK)

Carrots (UK)
Picture of Carrots (UK)

Carrots (UK)

Carrots washed 5 kg (UK)
Picture of Carrots washed  5 kg (UK)

Carrots ,  5kg Bar. Perfect for the Juicing community, ready washed. (UK)

Cauliflower - medium (UK)
Picture of Cauliflower - medium  (UK)

Cauliflower - medium (UK)

Celeriac (UK)
Picture of Celeriac  (UK)

Celeriac approx 500g (UK)

Celery (Spain)
Picture of Celery (Spain)

Celery (Spain)

Chard (250g) France
Picture of Chard (250g) France
Chard  (250g)  Chard is a leafy green vegetable often used in Mediterranean cooking. more...

Chard  (250g) 

Chard is a leafy green vegetable often used in Mediterranean cooking. While the leaves are always green, chard stalks vary in colour. Chard has been bred to have highly nutritious leaves at the expense of the root (which is not as nutritious as the leaves). Chard is, in fact, considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables available and a valuable addition to a healthy diet (like other green leafy vegetables).

Courgettes (Spain)
Picture of Courgettes (Spain)

Courgettes (spain)

Fennel (UK)
Picture of Fennel  (UK)

Fennel  (UK)

Garlic (2 bulbs) (Spain)
Picture of Garlic (2 bulbs) (Spain)

Garlic (2 bulbs.) Spain.

Ginger Root (100g) (China)
Picture of Ginger Root (100g) (China)

Ginger Root (100g) (China)

Kale Green 250g bag (UK)
Picture of Kale Green 250g bag (UK)

Kale Green 250g bag  (UK)

Leeks (UK)
Picture of Leeks (UK)

Leeks (UK)

Mushrooms Chestnut (UK)
Picture of Mushrooms Chestnut (UK)

Mushroom Chestnut UK


Onions (UK)
Picture of Onions (UK)

Yellow Onions (UK)

Pak Choi (UK)
Picture of Pak Choi (UK)

Pak Choi (Chinese Leaf) (UK) 

Parsnips (UK)
Picture of Parsnips (UK)

Parsnips (UK)

Purple Sprouting Broccoli 250g (Own Grown)
Picture of Purple Sprouting Broccoli 250g (Own Grown)

Purple Sprouting Broccoli,  Own Grown at Growing With Grace.

Brand: Growing with Grace
Red Chillies (Pack of 3) (spain)
Picture of Red Chillies (Pack of 3) (spain)

Red Chillies. (pack of 3) Spain

Red Onions (UK)
Picture of Red Onions (UK)

Red Onions (UK)

Spinach 250g (Own Grown)
Picture of Spinach 250g (Own Grown)

Spinach grown here at Growing with Grace (250g)

Brand: Growing with Grace
Sprouts (UK)
Picture of Sprouts (UK)

Brussel Sprouts (UK)

Swede (UK)
Picture of Swede  (UK)

Swede. Approx 1Kg. UK.

Sweet Potatoes (Spain)
Picture of Sweet Potatoes (Spain)

Sweet Potatoes (Spain)

Tomatoes Cherry (250g) Spain
Picture of Tomatoes Cherry  (250g) Spain

Tomatoes - Cherry Vine (250g) Spain

Tomatoes Round (NL)
Picture of Tomatoes Round (NL)

Tomatoes Round (NL)