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Big Organic Veg Box

The Big Veg box has got a greater quantity of the staple veg like potatoes and carrots, but also a good variety with 11-12 different types of your favourite seasonal veg!

Picture of Big Organic Veg Box

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Items in the box for w/e 24 Nov 2018. Please note that due to the nature of small scale organic growing, it may sometimes be necessary to substitute items.

Celeriac (UK)1
Parsnips (UK)1 @ 500g
Potatoes (UK)1 @ 1.5Kg
Cavelo Nero (UK)1
Cabbage January King (UK)1
Rocket 100g (Own Grown)1
Leeks (UK)1 @ 500g
Spinach 250g (UK)1
Carrots (UK)1 @ 750g
Onions (UK)1 @ 1Kg
Peppers (2 items if small) (Own Grown)1
Cauliflower - medium (UK)1

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